A Friday

Oversleep. Rush out the door to get to the office for 7am.

Solve other peoples’ problems all morning. Walk up to Chinatown at 11 with some colleagues to collect masses of food for a going away party.

Stand around for a toast and a small speech, lots of smiles. Eat at our desks.

Spend the afternoon cleaning up our area: bin for shredding, desk-cleaner and paper towels, bags of garbage, broken-chair graveyard, collection of cast-aside computer peripherals.

Realize I have a new person starting on Monday, and no chair for him. Start building a chair. See a report struggling with a call, take an escalation that lasts an hour. Finish building the chair.

Eat some chocolate. Share with a colleague.

Pack up and try to leave at 5. Run into a colleague I haven’t spoken with in awhile. Sit down and chat. Realize I’m crashing as we chat.

Finally leave the office, head to the liquor store. Mill Street Sampler Pack. Stand in line, joke with clerk, walk home around 6.

Beer in fridge to cool. Cider already cold. Cold cider and the internet. Get drowsy, consider nap. Neighbours upstairs sound like they’re trying to saw through the floor. No nap, just internet.

Dinner. BBMs to distant cousins. Dancing to Bob Seger in the doorway.

Wash dishes. Try Blueberry Wheat Beer from the Sampler (yum!). Put away laundry. Contemplate cleaning dining room table. Give up.


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Café Home

The original plan was to go to a café this afternoon. Instead, I thought it would be nice to move the table from the kitchen into the living room, and turn it into an at-home café.

Tea Time chez Tiffany

Tea Time chez Tiffany

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6-pack by the end of summer?


I got bored with the ab portions of my pirated workout videos and decided to turn to YouTube. After a few lame videos, I found this one, and have enjoyed it kicking my ass for the last few days:

I can’t do the rolling plank thing so I just do 20 seconds of regular plank if I have the energy, and throw in some lower back and oblique crunches to round it out.

Sneezing has been delightfully painful the last few days :)

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I’ve been working from home quite a bit over the past few months. I love the extra time that I gain from the non-commute, but it can get a little hard to unblur the lines of work time and me time. I’ve started to introduce a few routines to give my day a bit more structure. Continue reading

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I just love the look of that quiche

Via Flickr:
Another potato crust quiche, this time with double smoked bacon, asparagus, and goat cheese. I went a little heavy on the asparagus, so everything is sticking out above the egg.

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Spring red

Japanese maple

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Spring greens


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First sangria of the season

Via Flickr:
Technically the 3rd

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Pickled asparagus

Pickled asparagus by bobbie-sue
Pickled asparagus, a photo by bobbie-sue on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
First canning of the season!
I used the recipe from Well Preserved but used white wine vinegar.

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